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Your Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is becoming increasingly important to couples, with more couples seeing it as the most important part of their wedding day.

Couples are seeking professional marriage celebrants who can deliver a personalised and interesting ceremony to make their wedding day unique.

I offer to do the ‘Reading” on behalf of the couple, if they are not sure, which family member or friends to ask. Sometimes this can be a bit tricky.

I make sure I always tell my Brides and Groom’s that they must feel comfortable and relaxed with me and most importantly to deliver a service, which they will look back on with happy memories for all the years ahead.

My Celebration Folder – my keepsake to you

The Celebration Folder includes a copy of your full service.

This includes the ‘chat about your love story’ in the beginning right through and including, the Official Legal Ceremony, as well as ‘The Asking’, ‘The Ring Ceremony’ and the ‘Declaration’

All the music which you specifically choose, will be included in this folder as well. So…. In twenty years, you can look back and have fond memories and maybe a bit of a giggle.

If a couple have relations, where English is not there first language, I often give a printed copy of the ceremony (in the language of their choice) so they may follow the ceremony, as we go through it.

Also, often parents or grandparents like to have a copy to keep as well.

I present this in a white folder, on parchment paper with a little pressie from me.

I really do go “Above and Beyond” and I Love it…

Winter Weddings

Winter Weddings have so many benefits! Your choice of venue is going to have more dates available and will usually be less expensive.

Suppliers are often less expensive in the winter months too. From Florists to photographers, wedding car hire and Caterer’s.

You can get quite outrageous with different ideas for your winter wedding as well. Many venues have magnificent open fires…imagine your photos by a raging log fire!

Please call me for a no-obligation chat. I offer 20% off winter weddings during winter annually.

Happy Days,Jan