Naming Day Ceremonies, is not a modern celebration, Naming Day’s have been celebrated for many hundreds of years. To give anything, or anyone a “name” is to give it power and its own identity.

I enjoy “naming days”, usually all the family and extended family are present and it is a happy and loving environment. Bub’s is all dressed up as well as Mum and Dad and the babies siblings.

If the Parents of the baby have chosen “Guardians” then I include them in the ceremony, of course.

I have many poems, and readings which are very sweet and the parents, guardians and / or siblings can all take a part in these. If they wish, I can read them.

I also incorporate a vow and a promise to their new born which they repeat after me.

A certificate is handed to the Guardians and Mum and Dad. These days are usually so much fun, I love them and I usually get to have a cuddle at photo time.