Summertime and the living is easy

Just around the corner!  “Summertime and the living is easy”.  Many couples choose the season of Summer for their Wedding Day.  

Reasons for this are, the days are longer, weather usually divine, lighting for photographer is superior and it is often the holiday season in Australia. If family and friends need to travel to your wedding, they can usually find the time while they are off work.

I always advise my Bride and Groom to have a “back up plan” if the weather is too hot.  Make sure there is shade to get under and plenty of cold drinks for your guests during the ceremony.  Provide little paper fans for the ladies and make sure the older guests are comfortable. 

One wedding I did some ingenious person thought to hand out wet hand towels, which had been placed in an esky -  good thinking. 

Usually, the days are superb though and so much fun to be had at summer weddings.

I have posted a couple of pictures to get you thinking.  Happy Days, Jan