Marriage Celebrant Above and Beyond “


Code of Ethics”


To support the goals and the mission of CF&I and the Association by setting and maintaining a professional standard of service to the public which will bring credit and recognition to CF&I, the Associations, and its individual members.

To Serve each client with respect, sensitivity, and professionalism and to provide all services in a timely manner.


Will be the first document to I fill in and you sign to inform the Attorney General’s Department of your intended marriage.

This must be lodged at least one calendar month before the proposed date of your wedding.

I will also be supplying for you all the other legal documents which are required by Law.

I will be submitting all your wedding documents and certificates to the Attorney-General’s Department two days after your wedding.

Please Note; I will supply you with a form to fill in approximately six to eight weeks after your wedding to take ownership of your certificate from “Births Marriages and Deaths” in your state. Your will be asked to pay a fee of about $45 to the government.

You will need to supply me with; Two Identifications (one being a photo I.D.)

i.e. Passport, Drivers Licence, Original Birth Certificate of your country of birth.

A Statutory Declaration may be used when a birth certificate being unavailable.


You will require two persons over the age of eighteen to act as witnesses on the day.

If you have been married before, you will need to supply evidence of your divorce or death certificate of your former spouse.

If you are under the age of 18, there are specific documents and specifications which must be adhered to. We can work it out.

There will be three certificates made ready by myself for signing on the day.

I will be available to you, as your celebrant, at any time the minute you accept me as the one to have this honour.

I will arrive at your ceremony, half an hour before proceedings start. However, let me say, that all these bits and pieces will be discussed extensively between us before your big day.

I have my own wireless sound system, so if you are wanting your ceremony, in a garden or your own backyard a botanic park, we can arrange accordingly.

Also…… I gift my couples my “ceremonial package” which is a memento from me to you.

Remember, I am working for “YOU”